1. Baby (2010)
with Ludacris

Baby was the first single from Justin Bieber's second album My World 2.0. It has a soaring chorus that gives a nod to classic doo-wop while the guest rap from Ludacris keeps "Baby" firmly anchored in the present. The song packed #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in February 2010 and was ultimately certified double platinum for sales.

2. One Time (2009)

One Time was Justin Bieber's first single. It is a confident performance that many compared with Chris Brown's debut on "Run It!" "One Time" peaked at #17 in the USA and sold over a million digital copies.

3. Somebody to Love (2010)

Somebody to Love moved Justin Bieber into club dance territory. A remix and accompanying video that featured his mentor Usher is now considered by many to be definitive version of "Somebody to Love." The song peaked at #15 on the charts.

4. One Less Lonely Girl (2009)

Justin Bieber demonstrated that he knows his way around a pop ballad with the release of "One Less Lonely Girl." The romantic video shows him tracking down a girl for a date. Ultimately Justin Bieber is successful. "One Less Lonely Girl" hit a chart peak of #16 and was certified gold.

5. Eenie Meenie (2010) 
with Sean Kingston

This collaboration melding the pop-R&B sound of Justin Bieber with the island reggae pop of Sean Kingston buoyantly led the way into the summer of 2010. There is clear, fun chemistry between the pain in the accompanying music video. "Eenie Meenie" peaked at #15 on the charts and was certified platinum for digital sales.


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